Welcome to the online home of Gurmat Vichar Kendar, Patiala. This website is dedicated to Sikhism and Gurmat Vichar Kendar is committed to the preaching of the teachings of Sikh Gurus. Site archives the efforts made by Gurmat Vichar Kendar, Patiala in general & S. Kanwarajit Singh in particular towards countering the misguiding and self made assumptions by various unscrupulous so called historians of sikh history and ideology. Gurmat Vichar Kendar lead by S. Kanwarajit Singh counters the attempts of sabotage and  spread of conspiracies & controversies by certain anti-social, communal, disruptive & misleading forces. The main objective of publishing this site is to bring the truth to the light which is being overtly suppressed.

Apart from publishing and distribution of books covering the sikh history and principles, Gurmat Vichar Kendar organizes religious and cultural events in locality. Browse through the sections of the website for more information about the society, the author, events organized by the society, images, audio/video, and see the books and tracts sections for the work by S. Kanwarajit Singh lead Gurmat Vichar Kendar.